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WordPress templates and their selection are similar to the similar procedure with hosting . It takes time to understand what you need and make your choice. However, the huge number of free templates offered, both from the WordPress theme catalog and from third-party sites, complicates the process of choosing the best.

Of course, we do not offer you to see all the available free WordPress templates – it is very time-consuming, but we can offer to get acquainted with the best of them from all over the Internet. We selected a variety of topics with different functionality. The selection contains topics for any field, including e-commerce, news, business and photography.

In this article, we discuss the importance of choosing an appropriate topic. We then bring you thirty themes for 2020 for your WordPress site. Let’s get started!

  • Things to Look For When Choosing WordPress Templates
  • Top 40: Best WordPress Templates 2020
  • 1. Sydney
  • 2. Flash
  • 3. Shopera
  • 4. Llorix One Lite
  • 5. Spacious
  • 6. Striker
  • 7. Virtue
  • 8. Shapely
  • 9. Customizr
  • 10. iFeature
  • 11. Optimizer
  • 12. IsleMag
  • 13. MH Magazine Lite
  • 14. Moesia
  • 15. Corporate Plus
  • 16. Vantage
  • 17. Storefront
  • 18. Writers
  • 19. OceanWP
  • 20. One Page Express
  • 21. Athena
  • 22. Edge
  • 23. Make
  • 24. ShopIsle
  • 25. The Minimal
  • 26. Pictorial
  • 27. FlatOn
  • 28. Freesia Empire
  • 29. Accelerate
  • 30. Portfolio Lite
  • 31. TheFour Lite
  • 32. EightyDays Lite
  • 33. Yosemite Lite
  • 34. Fish Lite
  • 35. Orpheus
  • 36. Zerif Lite
  • 37. Ashe
  • 38. Other
  • 39. Cold
  • 40. Elara
  • Conclusion

Simply put, a theme is a collection of files that are responsible for the look and feel of your site. Without a theme, your site will look like a skeleton. It will contain the basic components, like your content and functionality, but it will not be wrapped in a skin that is responsible for its appearance.

You can find site topics suitable for a large number of areas of activity and offers. Some are free (such as we presented below), while others are premium (contain more advanced paid features). Choosing a theme may seem insurmountable, especially considering the thousands of options available. To help you a little below, a few points that should be addressed when searching:

  • Key features and functionality. Pay attention to the set of key properties and functions of the site that you need. For example, e-commerce sites will need integration with the shopping cart plugin. For a business topic, it will be very useful to have a powerful landing page template.
  • User reviews and ratings. Feedback from past and current users can give you useful information about each topic, including its advantages and disadvantages. Do not take reviews as the ultimate truth, but as information that will help you as much as possible in making a decision.
  • Developer support and regular updates. Lack of proper support can make it obsolete. Choosing a theme with regular updates and developer support is necessary if you are going to develop various kinds of integration of your site.

To make the search even easier, we recommend that you first decide on the functionality and important properties of your site, and then use the other two items (reviews / ratings and support / updates).

Top 40: Best WordPress Templates 2020

Given the list of criteria described above, the thirty topics that we want to bring to your attention represent a variety of functions and features. In addition, they all have a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars and have been updated over the past six months. This collection can be a good place to start your search if you have not yet decided where to find your topic. Here we go!

1. Sydney

For freelancers, agencies, and companies looking for a business-focused and customizable theme, Sydney is a great choice. Full-screen slider, fixed navigation, logo loading and many more settings will make your website look professional. In addition, access to all Google fonts and full control over layout options and color schemes, also gives a lot of settings that will help to create a design that matches your particular brand.

Additional features include mobile compatibility, integration of social media icons and the ability to translate – in general, this is all you need to run a fully functional and practical business site.

2. Flash

If you want a theme with premium features, including custom widgets, drag-and-drop page builder and a built-in portfolio creation engine, and for free, Flash should top your topic list. This unique free theme offers several ready-made demos that you can easily install on your site using Demo Importer ThemeGrill . Of course, you also have the opportunity (and the necessary tools) to create your own website. With Flash, you can create a blog, business website, or a one-page portfolio site.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, you are also offered the opportunity to access free documentation . It highlights the various features and design options of the WordPress template and, based on its advice, you can quickly launch your site.

3. Shopera

Sometimes, all that is required is a simple online store for the presentation of your products and the opportunity to buy them. With the Shopera theme , you get exactly that. This is a modern and flexible theme that integrates seamlessly and seamlessly with WooCommerce . It also contains a number of useful e-commerce features, including the option of the Scroll Up button , breadcrumbs or crazycrap when navigating the store and the ability to upload your own logo.

Getting started with Shopera is very easy, which makes this theme ideal for inexperienced online store owners. However, the available development and design features are also comprehensive enough to be interesting for advanced WordPress users and developers.

4. Llorix One Lite

While creating a professional website design, elegance is of great importance. With the Llorix One Lite theme, you can create an elegant website with an interweaving of modern trends and minimalism. This theme includes features such as a full-screen image on the main page and the ability to connect many popular plugins (such as WooCommerce, MetaSlider and bbPress). The offer is quite impressive for both the free WordPress template.

Llorix One Lite offers premium features ready to use so you can make a functional website quickly. Although, of course, you will have to spend time setting up your site to your specific needs. As a result, you will create a premium site with minimal time and money.

5. Spacious

A clear and minimalist layout can make a significant impression on site visitors and potential customers. This is the hallmark of Spacious , although minimalism is not the only strength.

With access to premium options, Spacious can easily be used to create a professional website for businesses, agencies, freelancers and so on. This is a very versatile and versatile theme with ready-made page layouts and 13 custom widget areas. In addition, you can use the customizer to add a brand logo, include links to social networks and even personalize the slider on the main page. You will be impressed by everything you can do with Spacious.

6. Striker

You may be tempted to choose a theme with all the bells and whistles, although sometimes all you need is a simple theme. Striker is one such theme, ideal for website owners and bloggers looking for a good start.

Striker offers a clear design that you can use ready-made or customize as you wish. Settings options allow you to add your own logo, title, background and social network icons. You can also include the color scheme of your brand and you even have the opportunity to add content to specific areas. A built-in slider decorates the top of the page, and the flexibility of this WordPress template means that it looks great on all devices. If you are a beginner, you can also find the extensive documentation on this topic very useful for yourself.

7. Virtue

Both novice and advanced users will appreciate the simplicity and ease of setup offered by this Bootstrap-oriented theme. You can create any site with a Virtue theme , no matter you are a seller, agency or blogger. It allows you to create a fully functional online store (or embed small store elements in your website), present your latest and greatest projects, or just focus on your blog.

Perhaps one of the most useful features of this WordPress template is its integration with Schema microdata . This will not only help in indexing by search engines, but, as a result, will increase the page rank of your site in search results.

8. Shapely

Shapely – это одностраничная тема WordPress, которая позволяет вам создать великолепную посадочную (лендинг) страницу, портфолио или личный сайт с помощью легко поддающихся настройке виджетов. По существу, Shapely спроектирован, как универсальный магазин на WordPress.

По мере прокрутки страницы, вы можете порциями подавать пользователям информацию в виджетах. Опции включают отзывы, портфолио, информацию о продуктах и многое другое. Эта бесплатная тема также имеет большое количество документации, которая обучит вас, как установить тему и настроить страницу, а также настроить каждый блок виджетов без труда.

9. Customizr

The WordPress Customizr template , as its name already suggests, is a very easily customizable template that works well for both beginners and professionals. Along with this topic, you can create a beautiful and mobile-friendly website, a blog, an online store or a business. You can also embed premium functionality in your website, including advertisements (an icon and descriptive text) and social network icons and integrate the theme with popular plugins such as WooCommerce and bbPress .

Not sure where to start? Customizr offers documentation that will help you easily learn how to properly configure the theme and its many functions in full.

10. iFeature

Если вы ориентируетесь на создание сайта для онлайн магазина или бизнес агентства, iFeature – это универсальная тема, которую вы можете использовать для любой цели. Если вы умеете пользоваться простым перетаскиванием (drag-and-drop), вы можете создать сайт с iFeature. Настройки дизайна можно применять глобально или настраивать отдельно каждую страницу, что даёт вам почти безграничные возможности.

К тому же, iFeature полностью адаптированна ко всем устройствам, включая смартфоны и планшеты. Пользователи могут полностью взаимодействовать со всеми элементами сайта и вы можете быть уверенными в том, что всё будет гладко работать и будет полностью доступно.

11. Optimizer

Optimizer is a free WordPress theme that allows you to create, in essence, any website – either full-width or full-width – without experience. Created based on HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, it’s an adaptive, SEO-oriented and mobile theme ready to use. In addition, you can use the online editor to fully customize your site.

For beautiful landing pages, you can connect a slider or use the powerful settings of this theme for WordPress to create a portfolio website that will represent your best works. Almost anyone can appreciate the benefits of the functionality offered by Optimizer, including a small business, agencies and freelancers, as well as many others.

12. IsleMag

Offering a slider carousel, a place for displaying ads and even a feedback system, IsleMag can help you create the site you need as a modern memorable magazine. With their standard magazine template for the homepage, the theme allows you to create a powerful website dedicated to your industry.

In addition, you can add your links to social networks, invite visitors to work with your content. What’s more, this theme integrates seamlessly with other popular plugins such as SiteOrigin Page Builder , Jetpack , and Contact Form 7 (and many others). These plugins will further expand the functionality of your site.

13. MH Magazine Lite

Another option important for the magazine style is fast loading, as in the MH Magazine Lite theme . Using convenient category tabs, ad placements and a slider on the main page, you can easily transfer your site to the next level.

This theme allows you to create a dynamic and versatile website with drag-and-drop modules for easy drag and drop and 13 widget areas (including placements at the bottom of the site – footer and sidebar). You can create any layout you want for almost any field. If you want, you can switch to the premium theme of MH Magazine , but in our opinion, the free version has almost everything you need for your magazine site.

14. Moesia

Modern and traditional combine in a fully customizable theme for your business site. Moesia offers flexibility and professionalism, a good topic to start and develop.

The heart of the Moesia theme is the homepage. You can choose from 11 appointments, prepared blocks – each of which can be individually designed – and arrange them as you like. Also, you have two blog templates to choose from and access to a selection of Google fonts . And to top it off, this topic comes with setting up social integration and visitors can connect to you through their profiles on social networks. Of course, this also means that you will need a separate plugin for social network icons.

15. Corporate Plus

Идеальной темой для вашего бизнеса или портфолио является Corporate Plus – минимальное и привлекательной предложения для сайта вашего бизнеса. Вы можете включить слайдер по всей ширине, раздел «About», раздел обслуживания и раздел Контакты на своей домашней странице для полнофункционального одностраничного сайта. В качестве альтернативы вы можете добавить эти функции на разные веб-страницы для многостраничного просмотра.

Если вы хотите расширить свои бизнес-предложения, вы также с удовольствием узнаете, что Corporate Plus совместима с WooCommerce. Это означает, что вы можете продавать как реальные, так и электронные продукты, производя всё это комфортно на собственном сайте.

16. Vantage

If you want to create a portfolio or company website, you need a clear and professional theme. This is where Vantage comes first, offering a fresh and modern design for both creativity and business owners. Perhaps the most powerful feature of Vantage is its tight integration with powerful plugins, including Page Builder and Meta Slider , which allow you to create an attractive and interactive site.

In addition, business owners can take advantage of the convenient and almost invisible integration of Vantage with WooCommerce. Other notable features include the ability to filter for photos, artwork, and published works, as well as stream comments so your visitors can easily interact with you and with each other.

17. Storefront

With such a growing potential for online sales, it’s never too late to hop onto the train of a fast-paced train and create your own online store, and the Storefront theme will fully contribute to this. Since this topic is from WooCommerce developers , you can easily integrate the e-commerce platform with your website and start selling right there.

In addition, with the myriad of available WooCommerce extensions, you can add subscriptions or bookmarks to the description of your products, work with dynamic price tables and much more. And you can embed a magnificent background on the main page with the parallax effect and create custom product galleries using a large number of options at your discretion.

18. Writers

The Writers theme has a blog style and is very well suited for bloggers, journalists and authors who wish to showcase their creativity. This is a minimalist theme that uses a lot of white for a sleek look. This style also means that the theme is mobile friendly and is easily optimized for fast page loading.

The theme allows you to add widgets to the sidebar, such as: archive, search or categories – making your site even more convenient. In addition, the theme is optimized for search engines, which means that your site will be easier to find in Google search results.

19. OceanWP

The OceanWP theme is highly customizable with a wide range of applications including e-commenting, business, blog and portfolio site. So in particular, developers will love the flexibility of this beautiful and, at the same time, professional WordPress theme. It has a full-size static title and image of the main page, as well as 13 demo options and an incredible number of extensions . Thus, OceanWP is perhaps the most flexible option on our list.

If you need to display products, highlight recent blog posts, or describe the products and services you offer, this topic is an option that you might want to explore in more detail.

20. One Page Express

One-page WordPress templates are gaining popularity and for good reason . Choosing this topic, you will have full control over what visitors to the site see, at what point and how they perceive it.

One Page Express offers a ready-made home page design along with the ability to add more than 30 blocks of content. In addition, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to further customize the site. A one-page theme similar to this one can essentially be used for any purpose; it is ideal for landing pages, business sites, and portfolio pages.

21. Athena

If you want to revitalize your site, pay attention to the Athena theme . Many features, parallax effect themes for WordPress are perfect for business, creativity or blogging. In the topic, you can set your images in the slider and animated callouts, as well as a convenient blog template in the form of a grid – in addition, you have many additional customization options (including choosing colors, areas for widgets, menus and links to social networks).

However, perhaps the most useful feature in the Athena theme is the online customizer. This very valuable addition to the free theme saves you valuable time while editing, allowing you to see changes in real time.

22. Edge

Edge is an adaptive and minimalist theme that can help you turn your blog into a site of envy. It offers a simple and concise look and customizable layouts to create a professional website with a good design. Effective use of white space is an addition to the overall aesthetics of the theme.

This theme is a great option for a corporate or company blog, especially because it has contact page and gallery templates. Responsive WordPress templates are a big plus and Edge has it. This is much better than you would expect from most non-premium templates!

23. Make

Many free themes require the creation of a site with one design. However, Make is a theme that allows you to customize your site exactly to your needs. Offering a powerful page editor with simple drag-n-drop and countless settings, this theme will really make it possible to customize the site as you see fit. You can completely control the page layout and organize your content according to your vision.

Together with Make, you can create a professional portfolio, online store, or simply create a minimalist, content-oriented blog. In addition, Make offers design elements that you can use to create the uniqueness and recognition of your site, such as: a banner for the entire width of the page, columns and gallery.

24. ShopIsle

If you are looking for a free WordPress theme compatible with WooCommerce, you will not find better than ShopIsle . With the ShopIsle theme, you can get an online store with a professional look for free and integrate features such as the parallax effect, customizable content area and full-screen images.

ShopIsle lets you “dress up” a theme. For example, you can use a theme to create a one-page website – highlight products or create a landing page, or create a fully functional online store. You can even integrate this theme with numerous plugins, including Jetpack and SiteOrigin Page Builder .

25. The Minimal

As the name implies, The Minimal is a clear and simple WordPress theme. Based on this, we recommend it primarily for bloggers, journalists, and authors (although this approach to design may be valuable for many other site topics). With The Minimal, you can submit your content in the most profitable way.

Take all the benefits of blog-friendly widgets, such as recent publications, popular publications, and social media links — you can organize your site as you like and make its content the most readable by readers. In addition, the theme has a structure optimized for search engines, which will help your site to occupy high positions in search results.

26. Pictorial

The unique and stylish single-column Pictorico theme template allows you to show off your latest work – be it art, photography or article. An online portfolio should not be too short and boring. Instead, you can move the focus to your work and place it very stylishly in a grid, which allows you to make this theme.

What’s more, Pictorico gives you plenty of options for customizing the rest of the site. With custom headers, a background and an area for displaying icons, you can create a beautiful website in minutes.

27. FlatOn

Since minimalism is trending, it is not surprising that flat-design sites have become very widespread in recent years. Be that as it may, they offer simplicity and elegance along with the guarantee of maintaining focus on your content. FlatOn is a very stylish theme and it can be used to create many great sites with minimal effort.

Using a wireframe and seamlessly integrating with the Jigoshop plugin , FlatOn is a great choice for business owners, agencies and freelancers. The settings control panel provides many features, such as using a theme to create a blog. Advanced developers can even connect their CSS styles to this theme. Just go to the theme control panel, where you can add your code without unnecessary difficulties when working with style sheets.

28. Freesia Empire

There are many topics for a wide range of purposes, but it is still difficult to find a truly high-quality one. However, the Freesia Empire theme is suitable for these characteristics. It offers many customization options and seems to have an unlimited number of different site styles.

Freesia Empire allows you to create a site with a light and functional design. The theme easily integrates with many popular plugins, including WooCommerce , bbPress , Newsletter and Breadcrumb NavXT , which means you can sell, and your visitors can conveniently use the services provided on the site. This theme also offers many page templates, such as contacts page and galleries. Each offers special widgets and sidebars of a specific orientation, so you can tailor it specifically to your audience.

29. Accelerate

Accelerate is the correct name for this theme for WordPress, as it allows you to speed up the process of developing a site. This multi-purpose theme can be used to create almost any site, including business sites, online stores, blogs and portfolios. The theme settings allow you to place featured images, which nicely dilutes the contents of the site with graphic images, and the use of spaces refreshes and focuses on your content.

Additionally, Accelerate offers many useful support options and simple design tools. Beginners and advanced developers can successfully use the lightness of the theme and its flexibility.

30. Portfolio Lite

For artists, designers and other creative personalities, we can recommend the Portfolio Lite theme , as it offers a minimalist and modern website style. You can show your best works in the form of slideshows, for example, or use a multi-column portfolio template for a more traditional look. Or you can even combine these two approaches.

In addition to the familiar customization options, you have control over the background, headers and menus. This allows you to create a website that truly displays your work.

31. TheFour Lite

In addition to the usual template settings, you will have full control over the background, headers and menus. This allows you to create a site as much as possible according to the needs of your activity.

If you are looking for a modern and elegant template for your business website, then TheFour Lite is the right choice. TheFour Lite helps you create a portfolio website, business website, or even your personal blog quickly and easily.

TheFour Lite template has a large, eye-catching area of ​​the main image through which you introduce visitors to your business. It also supports three built-in sections on the main page for the presentation of what you need: portfolio, reviews and sections for the client.

The template is very easy to install and configure. Flexible settings allow you to change the site in different ways depending on your desire.

32. EightyDays Lite

EightyDays Lite is the perfect choice for a travel theme or personal blog. The name eighty days comes from the title of the novel “Eighty days around the world”. You can use this template to display the places you visited, marking the food you ate and your memories.

The EightyDays Lite template has a beautiful design with an impressive gallery in the form of a tile on the main page where you can mark your most important posts. The template also focuses on fonts and printing, which allows your users to enjoy long reading in comfort.

EightyDays Lite is an adaptive template and works great on all devices. It is very fast and easy to use.

33. Yosemite Lite

Yosemite Lite is a clean and minimal WordPress template for a personal blog. Classic design, stylish typography, a great choice for a personal blog, a life blog, style or travel blogs.

The minimalist design of the Yosemite Lite template directs attention to content where you can beautifully place text and photos.

In addition, the template is fully responsive and works perfectly on any device. He also has excellent documentation for installing and working with the template.

34. Fish Lite

Riba Lite is a simple and stylish template for blogs or storytelling sites. If your primary concern is publishing stories and blog entries, this WordPress template will nicely display them on the home page. Supported by delayed loading of images and many other functions that increase speed and performance.

Another, but not the last advantage is the ease of integration with social networks. If social networks have a lot of weight for you, connecting them to your site will be as easy as shelling pears!

35. Orpheus

Orfeo is an elegant template with a minimalist design. A lot of freedom and settings, if you decide to adapt it to your needs. Blogs, restaurants, personal portfolios are just a few uses of this WordPress template.

In addition, the Orfeo template is optimized for SEO and mobile platforms, which will help you increase traffic to your site. You can even use it with WooCommerce and create a store.

In general, Orfeo – is a worthy template to try it because of its simplicity, easy setup and nice appearance.

36. Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite is a one page free WordPress template. It has gained quite a lot of popularity and has over 100,000 active installations. The template is constantly updated and improved for better performance.

This WordPress template is suitable for corporate business, personal portfolio, freelancer site and photo sites. It is also compatible with WooCommerce, so you can always monetize your site if necessary. Finally, it’s an SEO-friendly template that guarantees a higher search engine ranking.

37. Ashe

Ashe is an elegant choice that deserves special attention in this collection of the best WordPress templates. This is a great choice for content-oriented sites such as fashion blogs, travel themes, food, or photography.

The template is simple, responsive and has a stylish design. As a result, it makes your content attractive and unique. The only thing left to take care of is the publication of your materials!

38. Other

Kale is a simple but stylish WordPress template. Concise, minimalistic and, most importantly, multi-purpose. Use it for blogs, recipes, fashion tips, or even shopping sites. With easy integration with WooCommerce, you can easily make a website that brings you money.

What makes it even more flexible is the integration with social networks. In addition, optimization and SEO to create an amazing site.

39. Cold

Freddo is another member of our collection of the best WordPress templates. This is a multi-purpose template that you can use to create a fully functional one-page website. The template is perfect for any blog, whether it be photography, food, travel or lifestyle.

Freddo is also compatible with WooCommerce. Thus, creating a store and monetizing your site will be an achievable goal. You can even customize it using page constructors (SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder) to create something truly unusual and attractive.

40. Elara

Elara is an amazing, elegant blog template. Best suited for food, clothing and fashion blogging topics due to its stylish design and presentation. However, you can use this template for other purposes.

The template has built-in social network icons and a built-in mechanism for convenient reposts. This ensures that your visitors can quickly join your accounts on social networks, which will further increase your social impact. To summarize, Elara covers all the essential features a successful blogger needs.


The best WordPress theme for your site does not have to be expensive. In fact, free WordPress templates can be as effective as premium ones, and often provide you with most or even all the features you need.

In this guide, we discussed the importance of choosing a quality theme for your site and highlighted the thirty best free WordPress themes. Our ranking includes professional WordPress templates (such as: Corporate Plus and Sydney ), blog topics (such as: Accelerate and Writers ), and even e-commerce themes (such as: ShopIsle and Shopera ). The options available are almost endless, which means that you can create any type of site that you need.

Which of the above free themes will you use on your WordPress site? Let us know in the comments below!